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Nov. 2019


韩星死亡事件, 来自华盛顿邮报


Sulli’s(雪莉)death highlighted the huge pressures on K-pop stars, partly exerted by demanding fans, and the lack of mental health support in this country.


Both women, members of an industry in which female singers are not supposed to date or even live real lives but instead conform to rigid norms, had their private lives intensely examined in public and were the subject of hateful online comments.


Last year, she took the rare step of speaking out about her mental health issues, saying she had suffered from panic disorder since she was young and also had social phobia.


She also revealed that she was in a relationship at the zenith of her singing career, defying the industry’s carefully crafted image of young female stars as sexually desirable but inexperienced.

彭博社(Bloomberg Businessweek)The Dark Side of K-Pop: Assault, Prostitution, Suicide, and Spycams非常犀利地揭露韩星现状

Promising stars are put through a gruelling training schedule as they pass along the conveyor-belt production of new girl- and boybands. Young stars are subjected to strict controls over their private lives, including bans on dating, restrictions on mobile phone use and an expectation that they will sacrifice their health to achieve the desired image.
No one in K-pop is indispensable**; no idol, no matter how popular, is bigger than the machine.

Government statistics show that sexual assault and harassment are widespread, though fear of stigmatization means few go public with their experiences.


12.1 《人鼠之间》 Of Mice and Men



 How could George kill Lennie at last? Is the author too crude to set up such an ending or is it just the quintessence of the society? Why while you mean no harm to others but things just turn out to be a mess? Why the little mice die in the hand of the people who love and care them the most? The love and trust between George and lennie are touching; the understanding of life and loneliness of Crooks is pathetic; the death of the innocent is weepy.

 It’s not a book about the relationship between men and the nature as the title suggested but related to the emotions and choices of people. Every one has his philosophy, about how to deal with a handy man you don’t want to bother; about how to react when a crude guy want to kill an old man’s disabled dog; about how to protect your life-long friend. I admire George. Though at first I thought he bullied Lennie and I couldn’t understand his action at last at first. When I came to the last chapter I asked myself if I were George, how could I do? To hide Lennie forever? I never guessed George will take the shoot. However this is only he could do. If Curley found Lennie he would not simply shot him. When George decided to end his best companion’s life he had already accepted the truth that Lennie was not at all acceptable in such a dirty world. But I still couldn’t understand one point—why George told Curley that it was Lennie who took the gun?

 Lennie uses his special way to protect George and George in turn cautiously protects him. Lennie is so Naïve that he goes against the principles of common people. Though he always says” honest. I am” and he means no harm, he can’t live easily. The world seems unfair. If Lennie were just as big as a common person or even smaller, he would get another kind of treatment. He was not acceptable by others because they are afraid of him, even he is kind indeed. He has power which is not congruent to his childlike heart. This power makes Curley envy and the miserable outcome is ominous. Men are not tolerant because we are afraid.

 I’m impressed by the privities between Lennie and George. If we ask ourselves is there anyone that can be so dependable and that you know he will always be on your side? It’s not as cozy as the love of a mother and it not as romantic as the love of a suitor, it is unbelievable.

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